Try to Use Green Materials

Going green… what does that even mean? It’s a hot topic, especially since the U.S. only ranks number 33 on the Environmental performance Index. But Americans are trying to purchase and produce in more eco-friendly ways. You can do this in the purchasing decisions you make, including in the investments you make in your home. “Green building” is not a new concept. Many intentional communities across the U.S. are incorporating advanced technologies and using sustainable source materials to build and maintain their homes. Green living has become more mainstream as these innovative movements gain traction and public attention. Plus the financial incentives for companies to produce greener technologies helps homeowners more easily implement these solutions into their homes. There are many ways, both big and small, in which you can make your home more environmentally friendly. The most common home improvements include:
  • Install solar panels and temperature-controlling walls to reduce electricity consumption
  • Use bamboo or cork for wood construction. Booth are fast growing renewable resources, and don’t require excessive harvest.
  • Use low energy appliances, like low-flow faucets and toilets to reduce water waste
  • Use wool or bamboo fabrics to decorate. They’re more sustainable to use than cotton or polyester processing.
  • Buy energy efficient windows to regulate temperature inside
Many people ask, “Is it really a big deal to use traditional materials, even if they aren’t great for the environment?” The short answer is of course, yes. Using green materials not only reduces your environmental footprint (which will become even more important to your kids and grandkids) but in actually adds value to your home. It’s not like the fad or trendy idea you get from Pinterest (even though we have great eco-friendly home add-one on Pinterest). This really is the future. Call your local Naffco to learn more about purchasing sustainable flooring materials. We have a wide selection of hardwoods, tile, and eco-friendly carpet that are perfect for your home remodel. Our staff can help you pick the right green materials for a happier, healthier home. Contact us today, or get more home renovation inspiration from our blog.