Our Top-Selling Countertops of 2017

Everybody loves a good remodeling job. Jumping into 2017, homeowners were no different. When it comes to figuring out how to jump start your remodel you typically start with flooring and move right along to countertop material. As these are two of the biggest purchases you’ll be making in a remodeling project this comes as no surprise. What might surprise you though, is our top-selling countertops of 2017: 1.Quartz: This fancy alternative seems to be all anyone in the design world can talk about. Typically, people opt for granite as a classic countertop material, however it’s porous nature caused designers to look elsewhere. Here they found quartz. Quartz is a non-porous material and doesn’t have to regularly be re-sealed. This makes for a countertop that is far more durable and cost efficient. 2.Mock-natural stone slabs: Many people are now seeking the look of a natural slab of stone like marble or granite, but are more drawn to the cost efficiency of quartz. Luckily with modern technology, quartz material can be designed so that it resembles natural slabs of stone and looks more rustic than its typical chic finish. You can create patterns or veins in your quartz now that make it more modern and add a fresh element to your remodeling project. 3.Neutral is back: A few years ago, the bright pops of color were common for countertops, but now we’re back to sticking with neutral tones and adding our pops of color elsewhere. This is great because it allows homeowners to invest in more durable materials for countertops as well as give them a solid and neutral base should they ever choose to do a mini remodeling project down the road. This also makes pairing your counter to your flooring choice far easier as well and allows you more creativity in choosing your accent pieces.