Stain Resistant Carpets

Investing in a stain resistant carpet might be a smart choice for your home. If you have pets, children, or are in the process of decorating a room which has a high risk of becoming ruined by spills or dirt, stain resistant materials should certainly be favored. When it comes to stains, the material of the carpet is the most important factor. Some fibers are likely to soak up stains and become permanently ruined, whereas others have a resistance (either naturally or man made) which helps to avoid stains become lodged.


Wool is an expensive option, but it has a natural resistance to stain that many man made fabrics and treatments envy. It’s resistant to both water and oil based stains and spills, making it a front runner in the stain resistance and longevity category.


Nylon is a popular man made material used for countless applications. It’s also designed to be resistant to stains, especially with the right coating. It doesn’t repel oils as readily as wool however it doesn’t attract them like other fibers do. It’s important to note that resistance isn’t natural like wool, it varies from brand to brand, so be sure to do some research into the coatings available.


Polyester is constructed using oils, and as such they do a great job at repelling water based spills. When it comes to oil however, they have little to no resistance. It is a very inexpensive choice, but it’s not likely to last long. When it comes to keeping your carpet clean, you should always be proactive in order to avoid permanent stains. Clean up any spills as soon as possible – dab first, then apply cleaning product and rinse. If you’re using a new carpet cleaner, ensure you test an inconspicuous area first, and speak with your manufacturer’s to see if they have any recommendations. Also endeavour to vacuum your carpet regularly (at least once a week) as well as having it cleaned professionally once a year. This will prolong its life span considerably.