Small Design Elements that Make You Look Like A Pro

This is one of our favorite subjects: Ways to make your home look professionally designed. Why? Well because we want to remind our readers that you do not have to be a professional interior designer to make your space look magazine worthy. Learning how to use your space to your advantage can change the feel of your whole home. Let people think you hired someone by learning from these simple tips. Every person wants to be confident in their home and wants to feel like they can show it off when they have guest over. An easy tip to always remember is to keep it clean. Keeping your home sleek and clean is something that sometimes goes unnoticed, but if you have a space that is filled in every crevice then your guest won’t feel as relaxed. When you clean off your countertops (whether that be getting rid of some things or maximizing your storage space), you will find that a clean countertop can add class to your home. Decluttering can take an area from busy to relaxing and it will cost you nothing. Remember: less is more. Clean your space up and feel your home energy change. Another tip to help you feel like a professional in your home is to stay in a color triangle. You want to keep your room three basic colors to help it stay elegant and not too busy. You usually want to keep two low tones and one with a pop of color. This will help draw the eye but also keep your guest from being over-stimulated when they walk into your room. Use your furniture to your advantage. There is nothing saying that your couch cannot be the big statement in your space. Having a piece of furniture that attracts the eye can help give definition to your room. You want to define your area with a bold statement piece that will draw attention, and this will make you look like a pro. And don’t be afraid to be bold. Work within your color triangle and really go for it!