Outdoor Flooring Options for Your Home

Once you’ve chosen the perfect indoor flooring for your home, your hardwood, your marble, your vinyl tile, and more, you can move on to flooring for the outdoor features of your home. From driveways to decks, porches to patios, outdoor flooring can be just as much fun as the inside of a home. Outdoor flooring options can be intimidating for homeowners. How do you make the most cost-effective decision? How do you know which flooring types will hold up to the elements? How can you express your personal style and stick to your budget? These are questions to consider as you make your choice of outdoor flooring. Stone is a popular outdoor flooring option, particularly for patios and driveway accents. If you have a pool deck, natural stone can be a good choice because it is reminiscent of nature. Stone can have an expensive installation cost, but choosing a local stone from your region is a way to cut costs. Stone flooring outside can be asymmetrical and unique, almost like a mosaic. For a natural look, this is a great option. Concrete is another possibility for the driveway, deck, or small pathways leading into the home. Concrete is inexpensive and a classic choice for those who want a simple flooring option. Wood is a classic option for decks, porches, and patios, and like concrete, it’s a classic and clean look. The downside to wood flooring outside is, just like its indoor counterpart, it typically requires sealing every few years. Brick is a popular option for outside the home, or driveways leading into the home. Brick can be good because it’s difficult to slip on, and it’s low maintenance in terms of upkeep and cleaning. There are also many options for brick patterns, and red brick, in particular, hearkens you back to cobblestone streets of New England and adds an unassuming elegance to any home. Tile, just like indoors, is always a popular flooring option. Installing tile outdoors requires homeowners to be careful and choosy though, as tile can become very cold during the winter and become highly slippery. Be sure to purchase outdoor-approved tiles. However, for steps and patio decks, tile can present a clean aesthetic that can accent an area beautifully.