Spring Cleaning Tips – Organizing Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one area in your house that tends to need some organization – especially if it’s on the smaller size. You need your bathroom to be easy to clean and have all your necessities close to hand – check out these top tips to help you organize a functional, clean and beautiful bathroom.


This applies to pretty much the entirety of your home – to free up space you need to get rid of unnecessary clutter that you haven’t/will never use. Firstly, look in your medicine cabinet and check expiration dates, then throw away any packaging as this can take up a ton of room. Next review what is it you actually use and say goodbye to anything you don’t – there’s no point taking up extra space and making your bathroom overly cluttered with a million different half –used hair products.

Simple Shower Caddy

Your caddy can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You need to have one that fits in your essentials for showering, but having one that is too big means you tend to accumulate things you don’t need. Choose one that works with the space and your showering habits. Try and choose one that matches the style of your bathroom generally, then you can buy accessories, like toothbrush holders or soap dishes to match.

Stylish Space Ideas

There are many different ways you can maximize the space in your bathroom – you can add in the back of the door racks to your cabinet or door for example. The wall area above your toilet often gets forgotten about – try affixing wicker baskets vertically to store your towels here. You can also install an extra towel rod that runs alongside your shower curtain which makes the most of every inch of space. Use mason jars or glass containers to stylishly store cotton balls and use drawer separators for your make-up and cosmetics collection.  

Tidy Toys

Bath toys for the children shouldn’t take over the whole bathroom – keep them organized by having a specific storage space that keeps them out of the way and neat and tidy. A net laundry bag is ideal for this job; you won’t get any water trapped in the bottom and you can affix it tiled walls using suction cups.