Spring Cleaning Tips – Organized Living Spaces

Spring cleaning isn’t just about giving your floors a scrub and your shelves a dust; you can use it as an excuse to reorganize the living spaces in your home. Having your space well-organized can make a huge difference to the appearance and feel of your rooms, and it can be relatively easy and inexpensive tasks to complete. Take a look at these simple tips to help you get rid of the clutter and keep your space neat, tidy and looking structured:

Keep On Top of Trash

Having a wastebasket in each room can cut down on the amount of leftover or forgotten about trash. Just remember to empty them regularly. They don’t have to be obvious or overly large; pick one that matches the aesthetic and size of the room. Baskets don’t need to be used for just rubbish either – they can be home to a multitude of things that would otherwise cause a mess.

Simple Shelving

Extra shelves can help add storage and frame rooms. Choose floating shelves if you want to keep a spacious feel, and you can add corner shelves in smaller rooms to maximize the space. If you have a lot of books/dvds to store then install a shelf that runs above the entire length of the top of a room.   

Kitchen Storage

Kitchens can often have a lot of clutter thanks to pots, pans, appliances etc. There are many ingenious ideas to maximize and organize your space: a rolling storage pantry, a roll up drying rack to make the most of your counter space, specialized pull-out corner cabinets, an organizer rack to stick to the side of your refrigerator – the list goes on and on. Think carefully about things you tend to use regularly and keep them easily accessible.

Clutter-free Closets

If you are guilty of having more clothes than closet space, fear not! There are many tricks you can do to conserve and make the most of your space, however small it is. A good tip is to either roll or fold your shirt vertically so you can fit more in. You can hang shoes on rows of pegs usually used for coats or invest in specialized shoe organizers. You can also affix a plastic chain-link onto one hanger so you can quadruple hanging space. If you’re still struggling for space, use under bed storage – buying rolling trays keeps you items accessible but still out of the way.

Simple Storage

If you’re looking into buying new furniture to organize your space, think about smart storage options that are often hidden. A coffee table is a great example; you can find one that has shelves or storage space built in – perfect for toys or magazine/remotes/coasters. Beds are the same; you can find ones that have easily accessible storage. Just think carefully about what you need to put there and choose an appropriate model. If it is linen, you can sacrifice accessibility for more area, if you want to store clothes/shoes/toys, think the opposite. Nesting tables are another good option. One of the main things to think about when reorganizing your space is what you use it for, and build your new plan for the space around that.