Why You Need New Area Rugs for Winter

Area rugs seem to be a trivial thing when it comes to home decorating. You either love them or leave them and when it comes to the seasons, you tend to not think twice about your decorating habits. However, seasonal changes may be the perfect reason to invest in some new area rugs. Here are a few reasons why you need new area rugs for winter this year:
  • Aesthetic purposes. While this seems like a weak argument, investing in rugs for the seasonal changes can be one of the easiest remodeling projects you’ve ever done. Summer area rugs tend to be more vibrant in colors as well as lighter and thinner. They immediately brighten a room and embrace the warmth. Winter rugs however tend to be darker and the warm tones will have your home feeling inviting and hibernation ready. Thicker materials will help to mask the inevitable trekking in of snow as well as keeping your toes nice and warm every time they sink into the cozy fibers.
  • Cleaning can stay seasonal. Instead of having to worry about cleaning your rugs during the time in which you’d really prefer that they stay displayed, you can now worry about it a few times a year. Once your winter rugs come out, you can have your summer ones professionally cleaned or shampoo them yourself. This will keep them lasting longer and save you money down the line.
  • An extra layer of insulation. Not only are the gorgeous and perfect at tying your room together, but thicker area rugs will add another level of insulation to your flooring keeping the cool air underneath and not allowing it to cool the room. Making area rugs one of the easiest (and greenest) ways to heat your home this winter as well as give you a chance to experiment style wise with your seasonal decorating.