Modern Trends: Mixed Metals

Once upon a time, the rule about mixing black and brown in your wardrobe was firm – don’t do it, ever. But in modern times, those old-fashioned rules go out the window! Go ahead, wear brown shoes with black pants. We promise, we won’t call the fashion police. What does fashion have to do with décor? Well, more than one might think! For one, trends come into and out of fashion and can be seen reflected in the textures and color palates that adorn people as well as their homes. Mixed metals, much like mixed fabrics in fashion, are having a true moment in 2017. The idea of mixing a classic shade like bronze with a modern, shiny metallic chrome may seem a little eclectic, and it is – but in a good way! Mixed metals is a modern trend that makes a lot of sense. Bringing a fusion of old and new together in one room can help to lend depth and character to a newer environment or provide a much-needed update to a well-worn atmosphere. Here are a few of the ways that you can make the modern trend of mixed metals work for you: Don’t get stuck on scale. One way to effectively incorporate mixed metals into a design scheme is to big – and small. Think medium, too! Incorporating different sizes and scales of metal materials will help a room achieve an effortlessly modern look, no matter the size or shape of the actual room. If you find an art installation in modern chrome, hang it on the wall above a small set of bronze figurines or next to a delicate pair of silver candlesticks. One of the rules about mixed metals is throwing rules out the window – so don’t be afraid to play with scale when selecting your mixed metal pieces! Build around a mix and match metal piece. Sometimes, the possibilities can be a little overwhelming when all we want is a beautiful design! If you aren’t sure where to get started when it comes to mixed metals, try building your design around one central piece that contains several different metals. You can them pull from the existing textures and elements of that piece, whether it is a light fixture, a piece of furniture, or installation art. Be unique – mix new and antique! One of the best things about using a mixed metal palate in your home is having the opportunity to create something truly unique! Many bronze, gold, and plated silver pieces have been produced for anywhere from decades to centuries, making these classic pieces easy to find. Meanwhile, newer trends of chrome and stainless steel, as well as rose gold, are often found in more modern décor destinations. By mixing and matching garage sale or estate sales finds with flea market treasures and some new items from local or big-name stores, you can create a mixed metals look that is a one-of-a-kind – just like you!