How To Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Look More Expensive

Your kitchen cabinets are a very big investment. They take up a ton of area in the room and are a main focal point. You definitely don’t want them to look cheap or shabby. Of course, applying a new layer of paint can update your cabinets, and add new layers of depth and “feel” to your kitchen, but what are some other tips and tricks to make your kitchen cabinets look better than ever? Here are a few from the experts at Naffco Floors & Interiors:

Add Crown Molding

Dressing up your cabinets with some upper trim creates a much more sophisticated look. This relatively cheap and easy installation makes your cabinets look much more upscale and expensive. It helps blend the cabinets in with the wall and ceiling, rather than having them look like boxes set against the wall.

Update cabinet handles

This is a quick, cheap, and simple way to give your kitchen a little refresh. You can go with a more modern and sleek stainless steel, or a more vintage/retro look by choosing rustic wood. You can always purchase a few, try them out, and return the ones you don’t use. Whatever choice you make, it will freshen up your cabinets and give them a more expensive look.

Paint the walls

You can certainly paint your cabinets to try and update them, but you can also start by painting the walls. Use a color that will compliment the color of your kitchen cabinets to make them look better. If you have a dark or eccentric color on your cabinets use a neutral color like white, eggshell, light gray, or greige. If your cabinets are neutral, you can go for a more creative color. Use blue or green to add a calm tone to your room or yellow or red to warm it up. If you have any questions about cabinets, kitchen remodeling, or anything else, feel free to talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members at one of Naffco’s 3 locations in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. Or give us a call at (813) 254-4066. We’ll be happy to set up a completely free, no obligation consultation.