Latest Trends In Cabinetry

Designing any room that has cabinets is quite the task. Not only are you concerned about the placement of the cabinets, but you’re also having to contend with the design of them as well as color and shape. While it’s good to stick with the basics when it comes to choosing your cabinets, here are a few of the latest trends in cabinetry should you choose to break out of the mold just a bit:
  1. Dark finishes to round out a room. For years it was all about using lighter colored woods to open up a space. Right now, it’s all about the darker shades. These tend to give a room more of a warm and cozy feeling as well as almost add their own pop of color without being too obvious about it. This paired with a light neutral countertop will help to make the beautiful design and color of the countertop stand out as well. Beyond this, darker finishes also mask any buildup of grime or wear and tear over the years making it appear good-as-new far longer.
  2. Shaker-style is back. This continues to be one of the most popular trends in cabinetry out there. With the simple rectangular and integrated design, shaker-style cabinets are taking interior decorating back with a vengeance. This style paired with a warm medium dark finish and slender handles will give your room the sleek upgrade you’ve been searching for.
  3. Getting creative. While wood is the most widely used medium for cabinetry, those willing to branch out and be a little more adventurous have been benefiting greatly. Bamboo is a great alternative to wood and also happens to be eco friendly. Since it’s far thinner than wood, it comes with a more unique design that looks very modern and chic. It’s naturally lighter so should you be looking for a lighter wood, this is a great alternative. Bamboo is also wonderful because it’s a bit more cost effective than wood. You’ll be helping to save the planet while also saving your budget, allowing you more freedom to splurge in other areas of your design project.