Cabinetry 101: Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

  When it comes to decorating your home you always have a centerpiece that is the main focus of the room. Often times, this is not necessarily the cabinetry that fills the wall space of your room. However, this doesn’t mean that the cabinets are an obsolete part of your new and improved room. When it comes to cabinetry 101: kitchen and bathroom cabinets are the pieces that will tie your whole room together. New cabinets will elevate your rooms as well as allow you to bring the final touches of your renovation together.
  • Stained versus painted

Much of the design choices of your cabinets will depend on what other aspects of your kitchen and bathroom you have adjusted. If you’re playing with more cool tones in the room, lighter beige colored cabinets will complement the aesthetic perfectly. Whether you use a light wood with a clear stain or opt to paint them and actual color, the final touch will be the beautiful cream colored cabinets. Some prefer to stain the wood a darker color, embracing the natural beauty of the wood itself. This can provide your space with a far earthier and rustic touch while allowing you to fully appreciate the grain of the wood as well as adding a level of vintage class to the space as well. It will look more natural and give your home a warm and homey touch that you may have lacked previously. With this new touch, you’ll open up the realm of possibilities of decorations as well by sticking to earthy tones that go with almost any complementary color.
  • Storage space

The main purpose of cabinets is to provide you with ample storage space. When designing your new and improved kitchen or bathroom you’ll want to consider exactly how much space you’ll need. With wrap around cabinets, you’ll be able to organize your kitchen and bathroom in brand new ways as well. Embracing your newfound storage space, you’ll also be able to eliminate a lot of clutter and narrow down what objects you genuinely need versus the objects you can let go of.