What Kind of Floor Should I Install in my Man Cave?

When you’re designing your man cave, the flooring should be your first consideration.  The type of flooring you choose can help set the theme of your room, and make it feel comfortable and inviting so the time you spend there will be more enjoyable. The first consideration when choosing flooring for your man cave is the type of subfloor that you’re working with.  Is it concrete? Is your man cave in the basement where there will be possible moisture issues? If so, then laminate flooring or tile could be great options, as they are water-resistant and install easily over concrete. If you’re looking for a warmer look and feel, carpeting could be for you.  There are an endless variety of colors, textures, and patterns to choose from – even some options that are themed after your favorite sports team. The advantage of carpeting is that it is more comfortable to walk on, absorbs sound, and is warmer in the cooler months.  Carpet also comes in tile options which will allow you to create your own unique look for your man cave, and if you drop your pizza on it, it can be easily switched out for a non-stained carpet tile. When designing a man cave, many men like to make a statement with their flooring and really be king of their castle.  Concrete and marble are durable, look amazing, and come in several patterns and colors. Both should be installed professionally, and both are easily maintained.  Marble can be costly, though, so be sure that you want to make your investment there as opposed to your electronics and sound system. Choosing the best flooring is easy once you know your goals.  If warmth and comfort are what you want, carpet is the way to go.  Statement flooring such as specialty concrete and marble are durable and look great but won’t help with comfort or sound-dampening.  Laminate and tile are great choices if durability and moisture resistance are needed in the space.