Increase Your Home’s Value with These Renovations

Renovating your home, whether for your own personal satisfaction or to prepare for a future sale, can add great value to your property and make your home more attractive and modern in the process. Renovations can be done with the help of professionals, or by the homeowner if they are handy and DIY-inclined. Some renovations add more value to your home than others, but a lot depends on the materials used and the total cost of the renovation. Homeowners should always renovate with a budget in mind as well as a forecast of how much the value of the home will appreciate with the improvements.

New Flooring

Many homes, depending on their age, contain dirty and outdated flooring. From warped or water-stained wooden flooring to pilled and old carpeting, new flooring is often a must-do renovation for homeowners. When considering what flooring to install in a space, consider your needs and the rooms you’re renovating. Hardwood flooring and laminate are two of the most popular options throughout a home, and tend to add higher value to your home than new carpet would. Carpet is much more vulnerable to stains, spills, and ages quickly. Wooden and laminate flooring, or new bathroom tiling, can be a more timeless option for renovation.

Updated Cabinetry

The cabinets in your home can either be an asset or an eyesore. Cabinets serve very practical functions and are an integral part of the home. Small improvements to cabinetry, from painting kitchen cabinets to update the look and feel, or adding new hardware to cabinets can have a huge yet inexpensive impact on the value of the home. Re-staining cabinets in the kitchen can take drab and outdated wood paneling to a more modern wood grain.

Can’t Top Countertops

What is used more frequently by homeowners than their countertops? This often neglected part your home can become very outdated and distressed over time, diminishing its value. Modern countertops that add value to your home include those made of marble, stainless steel, tile, or granite—while countertop installation can be a more expensive improvement depending on the materials used, its effect on the drama and sleekness of a kitchen or bathroom is quickly noticed.  

Treat Yourself to Window Treatments

Window treatments are an oft-misunderstood element of home renovation. Unique or timeless window treatments can greatly improve your home because they add a sense of warmth and privacy to a home. Window treatments like curtains and valances control the amount of light entering a room (which can diminish a utility bill over time) and add softness to a room that is more industrial or plain. Textures, colors, and pleating help window treatments to achieve their essential goal in room renovation: to unify the space.