How to Refurbish Cabinets

Updating your home is something that always seems to be in the back of every do-it-yourselfers mind. Whether it’s new trends coming to the forefront, or a change in your own style, there’s always things you can do to adjust your house into more of a home. A great way to make a change without breaking your bank is to refurbish your cabinets. This being said, it’s not always the easiest of tasks. Here’s how to refurbish cabinets the DIY way:
  1. Start with the basics. While you may be ready to jump right into refurbishing the physical cabinet itself, you should start off with something a bit more rudimentary: the hinges. This is something that many people skip over and it’s one aspect that can make a huge difference. Having hinges that are new and work properly is a great way to give your cabinets a little more TLC.
  2. Get your tools in order. It’s important to have a solid plan in action. You’ll need to gather all of your tools ahead of time like your sandpaper, screw drivers, and paint brushes. Be sure you’ve already got your stain or paint picked out and create a plan of action on you you’ll maneuver refurbishing them all.
  3. Get to sanding. Once you’ve gotten everything in order, you’ll need to begin the refurbishing process. You’ll want to sand down all of the surfaces making sure there’s no longer any old stain or paint left on the cabinets. Once you’re done, use a rag to wipe each surface clean. The last thing you’ll want is to have a spotty paint job after all of that sanding work.
  4. It’s staining time. In order to apply your stain, make sure your surface is smooth and prepped. When applying stain, you’ll want to use a rag and rub it into the wood. This allows the stain to permeate deeper into the pores of the wood. Be sure that you are rubbing with the grain of the wood to get a smooth and professional look on your stain. As the stain dries, it will darken as well so be sure you’re mindful of this as you’re applying your layers. Multiple layers equate to a darker stain look over all.