Flooring: What Are the Advantages of Linoleum Flooring?

Linoleum is a traditional, tried and true flooring option that works well in several different situations.  It has many advantages including cost, style, ease of installation, durability, and ease of maintenance. Linoleum is a very eco-friendly option that is made with sustainable materials such as cork, linseed oil, and wood, and is completely bio-degradable.  In fact, you could chip up linoleum and use it for mulch or compost if you wanted to. Even though it’s environmentally friendly, linoleum is still quite durable.  Many brands will offer a warranty of 25 years or more, and with proper care, linoleum can last up to 40 years.  Think of all the older homes that you’ve seen with the 1970s-style linoleum that you may have seen. It’s mostly likely still going strong.  Simple upkeep such as proper cleaning will insure that your linoleum floor stays beautiful for years to come. Beauty isn’t a word that was always associated with linoleum, but recently there have been some wonderful new designs, patterns, and colors that have made linoleum a perfect design choice.  Designers have created linoleum patterns that mimic wood, stone, and ceramic tile looks, as well as some vintage-look flooring options. It’s becoming more of a designer’s choice because of its versatility and multitude of options. Another reason linoleum is so popular is its ease of installation and maintenance.  Scratches and abrasions can be easily buffed out since the color runs throughout the material and can be prevented with simple sweeping or vacuuming.  Mild detergent and a mop or cloth will keep your linoleum floor looking like new for many years to come. Installation is easier for the click and lock style tiles, due to the difficulty that measuring and cutting can cause for the sheets of linoleum.  Once installed, this water-resistant and versatile material is a great flooring option for any room in the house, and due to its flexible nature, footsteps are also quiet with this option. With all of these wonderful qualities, you would think that linoleum is one of the costliest flooring options out there, but that isn’t the case.  Though specialty patterns and colors may be a bit pricier, linoleum can be purchased by the sheet at very reasonable cost per square foot. If you’re looking for a durable, water-resistant, easily-maintained floor that looks great, ages well, and will provide years of beauty and comfort for your family, linoleum may be just the flooring option that you’ve been looking for.