What is the Most Durable Flooring for a Home Kitchen?

One of the best ways to update a home is to update the kitchen, and that could mean a whole new floor. Choosing what type of flooring is best in the kitchen is easy as long as you consider some important factors. Kitchens are generally high-traffic areas, so durability is definitely a factor when choosing flooring. There are several flooring options that offer durability, including tile, stone, vinyl, linoleum, and laminate. Carpeting is too difficult to clean in a kitchen and doesn’t hold up to higher traffic and the stains that happen in kitchens. Though durability is a consideration, kitchens are notorious for spills. How often has your kitchen floor gotten wet from doing dishes, or from spills? Kitchens need flooring that is water-resistant, which narrows the durable choices down to linoleum, tile, stone, and vinyl. Laminate cannot hold up to water; moisture that seeps between the planking will cause it to swell, buckle, and bubble. Ease of maintenance is another quality that should be considered when choosing flooring for your home kitchen. Stone flooring is porous and can often hold stains. Tile is a great water-resistant option, but the grout can also be easily stained by spills such as wine or sauce. Linoleum and vinyl are durable, water-resistant options that are easy to clean and require no special cleaners. Many homeowners like to install their own flooring, so kitchen flooring that is easy to install is a great advantage. Both linoleum and vinyl are easy to install, with some options requiring no special tools or adhesives. With all of the other advantages, linoleum and vinyl are excellent kitchen flooring options, though tile is another good choice as long as it is sealed properly against stains. The final consideration to help you choose the perfect kitchen flooring is style and texture. All 3 options will offer several options for all of those.