Drapes for your Bedroom

Window treatment is not only a functional but also an aesthetically impactful part of any room’s decor. When it comes to the bedroom, their importance is further heightened, as contribute majorly to your sleep environment. When it comes to creating the perfect conditions in which to slumber, it really does depend on personal preference and the exterior environment. Some people prefer natural light to assist them in waking up, whereas others need to block out intrusive street lamps in order to get to sleep in the first place. Thankfully there’s a whole range of window treatments to suit any and all sleep types – in fact there’s a huge variety even in terms of just drapes.

Drapes for the Window

Drapes are a traditional choice when it comes to window treatment – but that doesn’t mean they haven’t continued to improve. Drapes now come in a huge range of different styles, materials, colors, and prices – so make sure you consider all your options, as there are plenty. They tend to be heavier than curtains and are often lined, which makes them the perfect choice for the bedroom. By having heavier material you not only block out light, but also sound and cold. It’s worth spending more on high quality drapes if you need them to do the aforementioned.


Drapes come with different headers (the top of the material) which include gathers, pinch pleats,, and more. You might also consider topping your curtains with swags for a romantic touch.


As the bedroom is less visited than other areas of the home and by less people (as well as not having to deal with external factors such as humidity) you can afford to be choosy with your material. Some homeowners like to opt for luxurious materials such as silks and velvets.

Drapes for the Bed

Drapes are not just for the window – you can use your bed frame to create a beautiful focal point in your room by creating a canopy with drapes. The material and style you choose is again dependent on your preference: you could opt for heavy materials in opulent hues for a traditional four poster bed, for a less intense look  have lighter materials (like silk) hung just at the head. The benefit of having drapes around your bed is not only how they contribute visually, they can also keep your sleeping area warmer.