Dos and Donts of Replacing Your Flooring

Replacing flooring is an intimidating process. It takes a lot of time and thought. There are a million options. Carpet? Laminate? Hardwood? There are even more factors to consider. What is your house like? What can you afford? Here are a few to think about.

DO take into account the space you have.

You may want hardwood in your cellar all you want, but it’s a terrible place for it – hardwood will be too easily affected by the moisture in cellars. Be sure to understand which spaces are appropriate for which types of flooring. You should also take into account the kinds of rooms you are talking about. Tile is not great for the kid’s room, for example. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each floor type in order to pick out the ideal options for various areas of the home.

DON’T rush.

Because of all the options out there, it’s best to learn as much as possible about the nuances of your different flooring options and what is possible in your home. Consult others, keep floor samples around for several weeks to see if you get sick of them, don’t get impatient. Flooring isn’t cheap and it’ll be around for a long time after you install it.

DO be aware of what installation requires.

A lot of us love to DIY around the house. Paint our own walls, build a bookcase, create a trap door. A lot of flooring types can be installed by ourselves too. But laminate is a little more complicated than lego blocks, even though it’s just as easy. Make sure to have an understanding of installation processes and be honest with yourself about your skill level so that you know what you can do yourself and what you should probably hire a professional for. If you do install it yourself, that can be a money-saving factor.

DON’T worry too much.

No matter what, you will come out of the end of this process with a beautiful new floor. It would be a mistake to stress yourself out too much over minute details. See above – if you don’t rush, you can reduce your anxiety about the process.