Don’t Ignore Your Home’s Style

Your house becomes a home when you embrace its natural beauty and design elements. While renovations are important to maintain a home and keep it up-to-date, the inherent characteristics of your home’s style are what make it valuable. What did the architect have in mind when he or she designed the infrastructure? What makes your home unique, and stand out from the others on the block? Bring out these elements in your renovation and make them really shine. The decade in which your house was built is very important to it’s style. Urban planners often will build not one home, but a whole neighborhood with the same architectural style and design. The era in which it was constructed will reflect in certain elements of the design. If you bought a house that has not been renovated in a while, you may find some style characteristics that seem outdated. Instead of replacing them, try to enhance their character. A major part of a home style is the materials used to build it. Houses with hardwood have a vastly different character than one with tile. Cabins have a different ambiance than townhomes. You wouldn’t expect to see all tile flooring in a wooden country cottage, nor would you expect to see a beachfront home with a minimalist, edgy interior design. While your home’s style should reflect yours first and foremost, try to use design elements already present. The best way to enhance your home style, while at the same time personalizing it to your taste is to use a modern twist on an old stylistic medium. Vintage and retro designs are “in,” and you can find plenty of modern twists on older fashions for your home. And make sure to add plenty of family photos and trinkets that have meaning to you. Your house should feel cozy, relaxed, and just like you. One of the reasons you chose your home was because of its style. You also want to match the neighborhood you live in, and reflect the community style of home. Don’t add out of place decor, oor mismatch the materials you use to remodel with the ones already present. It will make the house look strange, and lose its intrinsic value over time. If you’re looking for ideas to enhance your home’s style, check out Naffco Flooring and Interiors’ blog and Pinterest page! We have plenty of design inspirations to help you bring out the best in your home.