How to Decorate Around Wood Flooring

Having wood flooring is one of the most popular interior design staples in the world. It’s a classic and timeless decorative technique that is one of the most diverse mediums to work with. Due to this, wood flooring can seem like something that’s difficult to decorate around. With so many options it can seem tough to narrow down which direction you want to go with, so here are a few suggestions on how to decorate around wood flooring: Temper your space. Wood isn’t always as inviting and cozy as we would like it to be. In order to get it a bit softer feeling, it’s best to add something simple like an area rug. This will take up enough space where your room as well as be a staple piece you can base the rest of your other decorations around. Modern or rustic? The best part about wood is the ability of it to stay relevant. While the rustic look is always in and will look beautiful, it’s great to juxtapose the classical wood with a more modern and industrial look. Adding metals and other more contemporary decorations will give your home an edge and chic look. Be flexible. Many people assume that if you have chestnut floors, all of your other wooden decorations must be chestnut as well. The truth is, wood looks best if you mix the different flavors it has to offer. Don’t be afraid to branch out and use woods that differ in color and type. This will make your home look well designed and inviting. Use your opposites. Should you pick out a darker flooring, play around with lighter accents to decorate with. If you’re designing a bedroom for example, go with lighter paint colors and sheets that will compliment and bring out the tones of the wood best. The same goes vice versa. Should you opt for lighter flooring then work with some darker accent pieces to tie your room together.