Creating a Color Palate with Your Flooring and Countertop Choice

When dealing with a remodeling project, your number one must do on the top of your list should be creating a color palate with your flooring and countertop choice. These are the two main aspects that will go into your kitchen that you’ll need to have ironed out early. This is what everything else will be designed around so here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction. To begin with, you’ll want to pick two complementary dominant colors. By keeping these colors more neutral like dark brown and cream or white, you’ll be able to change your kitchen more easily should you ever choose to remodel again because you won’t necessarily have to replace any flooring. Once you have your two main colors picked out, it’s time to choose an accent color. This will tie the whole room together as well as give you your starting point for designing and decorating the rest of the kitchen. You’ll want to begin by picking your countertops because that is the more diverse aspect of this process. They come in many different colors and designs that can be easily complimented by flooring so definitely start here. While you’re considering different types of countertops you’ll want to also consider the possibility of having a back splash as well. You won’t want your counter to clash with your backsplash so figure out what accents you want to use in that before ironing down what countertop you’ll be choosing. Once you’ve done this it’s time to deal with the flooring. You can either match the flooring with your cabinets, or you can use this as an opportunity to create contrast and choose colorful cabinets and a more neutral floor. This part is entirely variant and dependent on your own personal esthetic choices. Use these tones to help you choose your wall colors as well. If you go for neutral warms on your cabinets and flooring, try and use a brighter warm tone as an accent wall to brighten and breathe more life into your kitchen helping to make it feel even more like a home than it already does.