Choosing Decorative versus Practical Window Shades

 Deciding on window treatments for different rooms in your home can be a nightmare. Not only do you have to consider the design of the room in general, but you also have to consider how the treatment will be in terms of use as well. Choosing decorative versus practical window shades doesn’t necessarily have to be entirely separate ideas. Instead, here’s a few tips to get creative when decorating your windows. Test out some cloth shades, to begin with. Not only are these some of the most affordable ones to go with, but cloth comes in virtually every color and design so you really can’t go wrong. There’s something for every room and you can get the fabric as sheer or as impermeable as you would like. The affordability allows you to really try different fabrics and figure out which amount of light works for you as well as keeping your shades from dulling the sparkle of your perfectly designed room. London shades are a wonderful style that will add the perfect amount of volume and depth to your window treatment as well as class. They have two gatherings and a sheer shade can be draped behind it to add a little bit of modest privacy to your room as well. They aren’t as voluminous as the balloon shade, which has gatherings throughout, but will give you just eh right amount of depth that a normal Roman shade would lack. Roller shades are also a wonderful option because they too are made out of fabric and are easily retracted and detracted from the roller that they sit on. Because of this, they are a great shade for bedrooms and living room areas where day time might warrant wide open light and night time might be cause for lowering the shade. Regardless of which type of shade you choose know that there will always be room for change and try to start with your more affordable options when testing out shade’s ability to be practical versus aesthetically pleasing. Here’s to hoping that what you love looks wise provides you with all you practically need a window treatment.