Is Carpet or Hardwood Better in Warm Climates?

When designing your new home, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider. One of the biggest decisions you’ll make is carpeting versus hardwood flooring. Something you never thought you would have to consider is whether one might be better suited for a particular climate. So, is carpet or hardwood better in warm climates? When it comes to warmer climates one of the main things you should consider about hardwood flooring is your humidity levels. Since it’s a natural flooring material, humidity and moisture can greatly effect it’s longevity in your home. Direct sunlight can also be harmful to the wood and the UV rays will dull it more rapidly than in other areas. This being said, hardwood flooring is great to come home to on a hot day. Because of the nature of hardwood, it tends to stay cooler year-round and will help you save tons of money on central air in your home. They also are a longer lasting medium when designing your home. Hardwood if cared for correctly will last for upwards of 100 years and is the easiest surface to clean as well which makes it a great family friendly investment. When it comes to climate, carpet also doesn’t fair well with a humid environment. Since the material carpets are made of aren’t the most porous in nature, they tend to trap moisture which can eventually lead to mold and other undesirable spots on your floor. In warm climates, carpet can seem hot and almost heavy in a way. Carpet however, is faster and cheaper to install. While wood floors may be easier to clean, carpet can be maintained almost just as well with a yearly steam clean and consistent vacuuming as well. They also allow you to have more exciting designs and color variety, as well as being your most affordable flooring option. Carpets also hide dirt and need to be cleaned less often and now they have synthetic fiber carpets that are more stain resistant than ever which makes carpeting seem all the more appealing. Due to the variety you can afford with carpets, you’ll never be limited in decorating later on.