Can You Lay Floor Tiles Without Grout?

As a rule you should always lay tile with grout – if you don’t you run the risk of replacing them sooner than you might think. The fact is even though you might think tiles look better without grout, there’s a reason it’s used universally.

So What Does Grout Do?

The purpose of grout is to not only to secure the tiles to their position, but also to protect them from damage. It keeps the tiles rigid and the entirety of the area strong. Additionally although it may look like all tiles are exactly the same size and will fit together perfectly, in actuality they are often miniscule differences that grout helps to bridge. Grout is also used to ensure no foreign matter get in between the tiles – no matter how hard you try to fit them together there will always be space which will get filled with debris over time. There is also the problem of moisture getting underneath into the subfloor, which grout protects against. Finally, tiles will always move and as they rub together, they run the risk of cracking. In short if you don’t use grout, chances are your tiles will get ruined. Even having an extremely small amount of grouting will help your tiles a great deal, making them last longer and be stronger.

Tile Alternatives

If you really don’t want to use grout there are several alternatives to tiles you can consider. One option is waterproof wall panels, which are incredibly easy to maintain and durable. They come in a variety of different styles to complement your home, and are quick and easy to install. Another option you could consider is waterproof wallpaper – a relatively new product which is making waves in the décor world. You could also look into ‘pee and stick’ self-adhesive mosaics, which are super simple and fast to install, as well as being inexpensive.