What Bold Color Should You Paint Your Interior?

If you’re looking to revitalize and invigorate any (or all!) of the rooms in your home, then opt for a bold color. If you’re brave, a bold color can really work in your favor, and it’s great to add variety and character to a space. You can use bold colors to show separation between areas and to produce a tone/atmosphere to fit a room. The contrast in bold colors against neutral palettes is a great way to add depth, and if you really want to go for it, you can combine multiple bold colors to fit your décor. So you have decided to go bold, but what kind(s) will work for you? Take a look at some of the hottest bold and bright colors and where they work best:

1. Bright Orange

This might seem like a big commitment, but orange can actually combine with many colors that work in a variety of rooms. Living rooms and dining rooms are good candidates– they add warmth and can lend themselves to many different styles including Tuscan and African. Orange combines well with chocolate browns, whites, and light blues.

2. Bright Green

Green is actually a great color to choose if you don’t want to go too wild. It still has a natural feel and adds freshness to a space without being overpowering. Pair green and whites in kitchens or with blacks in bedrooms for a modern, cutting-edge style.

3. Navy Blue

Bold isn’t always bright, and navy is a very fashionable shade this season. It can work in many different rooms, as bold colors tend to be able to be successful even in small spaces. Choose navy for the bathroom, bedroom or living room and pair with deeps reds for depth and a classic look.

4. Sunshine Yellow

Yellow is the epitome of bold and gives so much joy to a home. If done correctly, it can still be a very fashionable choice and can be used to decorate pretty much any room. Combine it with whites, pink, green, blues – the list goes on and on. Yellows give a very classic, country relaxed feel, so don’t be afraid to experiment with it!