Indoor Garden Ideas – Best Herb and Veggies to Grow Inside

We would all love to have the space to grow herbs and vegetables in large spacious gardens, but unfortunately that isn’t always an option. Fear not, as there a huge variety of both that can thrive indoors, meaning you can have fresh produce at your fingertips all year round.

Tips for Growing

  1. Keep your soil well drained: Use a pot with holes or pop some stones in before you plant. Place the pot in a drainage container to catch any spills.
  2. Use Potting Soil: You can make this yourself, but it is easily found in garden centers – you can also ask their advice on which specific type to use.
  3. Choose Your Area Wisely: As we all know from high school biology, plants need light to live. Herbs and vegetables are no exception. Place your plants on window facing the sun, if that isn’t possible then purchase some growing lights which produce optimum light and temperature conditions.

Easiest Herbs

  1. Chives: These are so easy to grow inside – they don’t need much light and produce a great deal of produce to use all year round. Use a plant that is already fully grown; plant it then cut off a third to create new growth.
  2. Lemongrass: Lemongrass doesn’t even need soil, just place the shoot in a few inches of water and wait for new sprouts to grow.
  3. Oregano/Thyme: Both of these well-known herbs need about eight hours of sunlight a day, so bear that in mind when planting them.
  4. Mint: There are many varieties of mint, and they are all fairly easy to grown. They are similar to weeds in that they can invade other herb’s growing area, so keep them separate. They enjoy shade but will need a little light throughout the day.

Best Vegetables

  1. Mushrooms: Mushrooms are incredibly easy to grow all year round. You can purchase specially made compost with mushroom spawn already included, so you only need to water then leave in a dark area, such as under the stairs or in a cupboard. A few weeks later and bravo! You have homegrown mushrooms. Alternatively, you can make your own version of the above.
  1. Tomatoes, Peppers, and Eggplants: Ideal for sunny windowsills and easy to grow, you will have fresh vegetables in no time. There are many types of tomatoes to choose from, pick them based on the space you have – if you don’t have a lot of floor space then choose one which can grow up canes. They not only taste great but they look gorgeous too.
  1. Radishes and Carrots: Usually root vegetables need a great deal of depth than is available indoors, but radishes and round carrots can flourish. Plant the seeds from winter to autumn, and hopefully you will have veggies in around 20 days.
  1. Microgreens: A very fashionable food choice right now, they are extremely good for you and bring a great deal of variety to your diet. They are made using the seedlings of herbs and vegetables and you can get so many different types including kale, basil, dill, Swiss chard and radishes. They can be easily produced in a shallow tray with potting mix, just scatter the seeds evenly, lightly mist the soil and place on a sunny windowsill.