4 Area Rug Styles You’ll Love for Fall

There is no better time of year than fall, don’t you agree? It is the perfect opportunity to revamp your space and take part of the festivities all around. This year we challenge you to take it to the next level and change up your home in a bigger way. Not just with candles and pumpkin spice coffees, but with big bolder statements like your area rug. When it comes to choosing your area, rug don’t make a quick decision, there are so many to choose from. There are different styles for different homes, different colors, and different feels so here are some of our favorites.

1. Shag rug

A shag rug is the perfect option to warm up your home when the winter months are on their way. Shag gives the feet a comfortable place to cozy up to even when you’re watching television. With shag rugs, we think the more simplistic the design, the better! Because it gives so much texture there is really no reason to overwhelm yourself with adding a ton of color on top of it.

2. Warm colors

Cozy right on up in your living room with an area rug that makes you feel calm and always inviting you to take a nap. A bigger area rug with warm colors like reds and blues help identify the space boundaries while making you feel the changing seasons.

3. Big, bright and bold

Just because it is cooling down outside doesn’t mean that your style has to go down with it. Don’t be afraid to take a bold step and bring a bright colorful area rug in your living space. This will be the ultimate reminder that the seasons are changing, but you’re still here to have fun!

4. Small and useful

When choosing an area rug don’t feel limited to only dressing up the bigger spaces in your home. Area rugs added throughout the home can add a colorful consistency that you can’t really find using another decor. Using matching area rugs for the front door welcome space and the kitchen space add a touch of warmth all the way through your home and not only that, they’re useful!