3 Ways To Spend Your Tax Return on Home Improvement

Spring is a time for new beginnings and fresh opportunities. Flowers are blooming, people are shaking off the winter blues, and it’s time for spring cleaning. Hopefully it’s also time for a tax refund check from Uncle Sam. While it can be tempting to immediately use this quick cash surplus for some retail therapy, it may be a better investment to put this money into home renovations. Of course, the scale of possible projects will depend on the amount you receive, but here are 3 ways you can invest your tax return on home improvement.

1. Update your flooring

Because of its high cost, lengthy procedure, and the messy process, updating the flooring of a home is one of those projects that is often put off for years. But the end result is nearly always worth the effort. New or refinished floors make your home more comfortable, efficient, and increase its value. If you get a big tax return, treating yourself to the flooring you’ve always wanted is a great investment.

2. Upgrade your countertops

Countertops see more wear and tear than most other places in the home, and they are also a focal point in nearly every kitchen. Old countertops are an eyesore, and can make even a joyful activity, like preparing a meal for your loved ones, feel like a chore. Upgrading your countertops can make your kitchen feel brand new and inspire you to enjoy all the time you spend there. Not to mention the increase in resale and sellability that comes along with the investment.

3. Upgrade your windows

Windows and window treatments serve many functions in every room in your home. They are responsible for the natural lighting, contribute to the aesthetic, and impact the energy efficiency of your household. Upgrading your windows or window treatments provides a fresh new look and can make your house operate more conscientiously. If you have any questions about any of the projects above, or would like to talk with an expert about home renovation ideas, stop into one of Naffco’s 3 locations in Tampa Bay, or give us a call at (813) 254-4066 to schedule a free consultation.