3 Common Ways to Ruin Your Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most elegant (and expensive) flooring choices you can make when it comes to redoing your home. Which is why you should take every precaution to properly maintain it. Life is busy, and preserving your floor is usually not at the top of your mind, but here are 3 common ways people ruin their hardwood floors, and how to avoid these mistakes.

1. You are using the wrong floor cleaner

If you use the wrong floor cleaner, you could cause immediate and possibly irreversible damage to your hardwood floor. Each hardwood floor has a specific finish used on it. Different finishes require different finishes. It’s possible to use a cleaner that’s too harsh and could strip the finish off your floor. There are also cleaners with wax in them that could result in buildup. Be sure to consult whoever installed your floor to find the correct cleaner for your specific hardwood.

2. Your pets have long nails

Animals are going to cause wear and tear on your flooring no matter what. But there are definitely ways that you can reduce the damage and make sure that it isn’t that severe. Pets with long nails will cause scratches in your hardwood floor over time. If you take them to the vet be sure to ask them to trim their nails as short as possible while making sure your little loved one stays healthy and comfortable. This is a quick and easy way to make sure they do minimal damage to your floors.

3. Your furniture legs are unprotected

If you do not have protective pads under each leg of all pieces of furniture that is on your hardwood floor, the weight of the furniture can damage the finish or wood over time. Dragging any heavy furniture will definitely cause scratches as well. Always be sure to lift your furniture instead of dragging or pushing it. Putting felt pads underneath the legs of all your furniture is a cheap and simple solution to make sure you keep your floor safe from dents and scratches. If you have any questions about your hardwood flooring, or would like to schedule an appointment for a free, no obligation consultation and estimate, contact Naffco Floors & Interiors today.