2 Things You Need to Know Before Remodeling for Resale

Thinking about your house value and thinking about how you can increase it? Well, there are some things that you should know before you remodel. Not every remodeling project that people choose to do increases their house sale value. For example, did you know that in some states lose resale value if there is an in-ground pool? The target market becomes smaller too and that is because people don’t like the idea of how much stress of maintaining a pool is and others are worried about the liability and if it is more dangerous than enjoyable for the youngsters. What to know before you remodel? Do your research, something we can’t stress enough. Talk to your nearest real estate agent or go to other open houses in your neighborhood. If other houses are selling for a higher amount than yours was appraised for then we encourage you to go find out why. Other houses may have upgraded their kitchen, may have an income property attach, you never know until you go check it out.

What’s your kitchen like?

One place you will see a return on your money 9/10 times is the kitchens.  There is nothing that makes a great first impression than a clean, modern kitchen. People are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on homes across the states and they are expecting a more modern kitchen now more than ever. If you have an outdated kitchen then you will not see the price you want if someone does put in an offer. So don’t hesitate to remodel the kitchen, but remember when you do you want to make it buyer friendly. That means no bold, unique colors that you and your kids picked out. That means something that speaks to all potential buyers.

A bathroom to remember

Once you have finished updating your kitchen be sure to see if you can upgrade your bathroom. Similar to the kitchen, bathrooms are something that many people remember about a home. We know that might sound strange but small, non-functioning bathrooms can scare buyers, especially ones who don’t want to buy a home that is a fixer-upper. So our tip to you is to make your bathroom seem spacious, clean, and make sure it is functioning at its best for your open house.