5 Window Treatment Options Tampa Homeowners Should Consider


Window treatments are coverings that are placed in, on or in front of windows. They serve well for homeowners in both function and aesthetics. The right window treatment can bring a room together, fitting in well with your home decor. They also serve to offer privacy or control over the natural light that comes into a room. Some window treatments also aid in heat insulation. Picking the right window treatment comes down to preference of the homeowner. Here are a number of different window treatments Tampa-area homeowners should consider.

Hard Window Treatments

Window shutters are a frame around the window which features louvers, attached to a rail. Shutters are cordless and feature control over room lighting with the rail operating the louvers to allow more or less light in as needed. Shutters can also add value to your home, and are viewed as a higher end option.

Similar to the louvers found in shutters, blinds are a series of slats (or vanes) that can rotate and offer control over how much natural light enters a room, or how visible the room is from outside for privacy purposes. Unlike shutters, blinds are not held in a frame, but rather suspended individually, and can be stacked either horizontally or vertically. Blinds can be stacked either at the top (if hung horizontally) or off to a side (if hung vertically) of the window. Blinds can be made out of wood, faux wood, vinyl or metal.

Soft Window Treatments

Curtains are an easy way to add color to any room. Depending on the fabric used to create the curtains, you could achieve a wide variety of transparency and insulation. Tie-backs can also help shape curtains to frame a window for a stylish look. Longer drapes will extend beyond the bottom of the window and to the floor of your room.

Many homeowners and interior decorator will combine curtains or drapes with valances, which are smaller fabric window treatments that cover the uppermost part of the window. Valances function as a concealment for other window treatment hardware, such as a curtain rod or the mount for blinds. Visually, window valances offer a Victorian appeal to homes. Valances aren’t just for curtains, however. A valance can be placed over a curtain with blinds and shutters or any other hard window treatment as well.

Glass Window Treatments

Frosted Glass
Frosted glass is achieved through methods such as acid etching or sandblasting clear glass to get a scattered, translucent look. Frosted windows can often be a popular choice for bathrooms, which allow light to enter the room while still achieving privacy.

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