Window Treatments Brandon

Window treatments make a great addition to any home. The right window treatment can help to bring a room alive or add character to the outside of your home. Window treatments serve a multitude of purposes from privacy, to aesthetics, control of natural light entering a room, or even improved heat insulation. While the right window treatment comes down to a matter of taste, these are a couple things to get you started on figuring out how you want to style the windows of your home.

There are two different kinds of window treatments, both of which can fulfil the purposes mentioned above, but the variety allows for you to put your personal touches on your windows. Hard window treatments include shutters and blinds. Ultimately, they serve the same purpose, which is to block light from coming into your house, but they achieve this goal differently. Shutters are framed around the windows and operates on a louver attached to a rail. It is a simple and classic look that will allow you to let more or less light in without the use of a cord. Because shutters are so classic and easy to use, they can add value to your home.

Blinds are similar to shutters in that they have slats which can be adjusted to let more of light in. However, blinds are not framed into the house but rather hang freely from the top of a window frame. The slats can then be controlled with the use of a cord, being pulled open or shut and then tilted to let more or less light in. There are a broad range of materials that blinds can be made out of including wood, vinyl or metal, and this decision will be made on a matter of taste.

The other type of window treatments are Soft window treatments. These are treatments made out of fabric that mostly serve a decorative purpose. Things like curtains, drapes, and valences would be considered soft window treatments. Usually either curtains or drapes are used in tandem with valences. A valence is a small piece of fabric that covers the uppermost part of a window. Their purpose is mostly to cover the hardware from other window treatments, be it a curtain rod or the mounts for blinds, but they also have an aesthetic appeal. Valences can stand on their own and provide a splash of color in a room without making as much of a statement as curtains or drapes. Curtains or drapes can also be a great accent to a room. They are more efficient in blocking light if need be, and can also provide insulation. There are many options and style for curtains or drapes allowing you to put your own personal touch on your window treatments.

Another option for a window treatment is frosted glass. This gives glass a foggy look that natural light in but cannot be seen through. This is a common choice for bathrooms because it offers privacy while still allowing light in if you don’t have any other fixtures on the window.

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