Window Shutters Brandon

Window shutters are a great option for homeowners in Brandon, Florida because, not only do they provide you with complete control of the natural light entering your house but they add value to your home as well, and are seen as a high-end option in terms of window treatments. When ordering or installing interior shutters it is important that you are very exact in taking measurements and communicating them properly when you order.

A couple things to do before you start taking measurements include being sure you have the proper tools and that your windows are compatible with interior shutters. In terms of tools, you will simply need a tape measure, paper and pencil, and means by which to measure the top edge of windows, preferably a step ladder. To look for compatibility simply take note of any obstructions in the window that may avoid shutters from being able to close like latches or window cranks.

Next step is to know what sort of shutter mounts you will have. The measurements taken will be different if your shutters are to be mounted from the inside or the outside. The difference is that the outside mounts cover the entire window space while an inside mount will only cover the glass of the window leaving the moldings revealed still. In order to have inside mounts, the window must be at least one inch deep, and upwards of 3 inches deep, depending on the shutters you are installing and the mounts that they require. It is good to note this when testing for compatibility.

When taking measurements you are measuring both the width and height of the window. In order to get an accurate measurement you will want to measure both the width and height three times, once on either edge of the window and then the third time in the middle of the window. It is okay if these measurements are not uniform. Custom shutters will adjust to variations in these measurements, but it is not required that you get customer shutters if the measurements vary. When ordering, if using inside mounted shutters, use the smallest height and width measurements that you recorded. If you are ordering outside mounted shutters, then you should use the largest of the height and width measurements that you recorded.

These are simple measurements for a regular size window. However, if you have large windows (over 60 inches) you will need a support for the shutters called a divider rail. The divider rail does not need to be in the center of the window. You can decide at which point you would like the divider rail to fall and then record the length, if you have inside mounted shutters, from the top of the window to that point. If you are going to have outside mounted shutters then you can measure from the bottom of the window to where you would like the divider rail to be. When taking this measurement, it is suggested you measure from the center of the window.  

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