Pros and Cons of Travertine Tile Tampa Homeowners Need to Know


Travertine is a natural stone that is similar in properties to limestone. It is important to note that travertine is not the same as limestone. Unlike limestone, travertine is uniquely characterized by its light tan hues and porous surface, has become an increasingly popular choice of building material for tile work both in and outside homes in the United States.

Pros of Travertine Tile

Travertine is Beautiful and Timeless
The visual qualities of travertine include natural veining as well as holes along the surface of the rock. Each piece of travertine can feature small and large holes across its surface. The beautiful, natural appearance of travertine will not deteriorate over time. Travertine’s surface gives it a weathered look naturally, providing age and character to any installation. Being a natural stone, each travertine piece will be unique.

Travertine is Easy to Install
Travertine tile pieces can be installed individually and replaced individually as needed, making repairs a breeze.

Travertine is Heat-Resistant and Slip-Resistant
Travertine holds up incredibly well against extreme hot and extreme cold weather conditions and water damage. The porous nature of travertine makes for a non-slip surface, which can be ideal for pool decking in the yard or bathroom or kitchen tile inside your home, in the rooms with the most moisture. Travertine can also hold up well against freezes and thaws, as infrequent as those are in Tampa.

Cons of Travertine Tile

Travertine Offers Limited Color Options
While travertine is available in multiple colors, most options fit within the gray to tan color spectrums. There are a few colored travertine options that go as bold as coral, but the color choices are comparatively limited to other tile materials.

Travertine Does Not Hold Up Against Acids
Travertine does not always hold up well against acidic foods and substances, including common items found in most kitchens such as orange juice and vinegar. Travertine is not the best choice for kitchen countertops, where exposure to these foods may be common, unless it is sealed and maintained regularly.

Travertine Isn’t Uniform
Natural stone will never provide a truly uniform appearance. For homeowners who prefer each piece to look the same, travertine and other natural stones are not an ideal choice.

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