Quartz Countertops Brandon

Quartz countertops have been rising in popularity in the past decade. This could be due to a number of factors, including the fact that is an engineered material. While most natural material countertops such as marble, soapstone, and granite are made from slabs of natural stone, quartz countertops are manufactured using ground up quartz. This provides a large number of benefits that have contributed to the broad appeal of quartz countertops.

The first, and foremost benefit of having a quartz countertop is that, because they will be manufactured, there are a lot of options for colors, textures, design, and patterns. While the price will vary depending on what you want, it is incredibly likely that you will be able to find a quartz countertop to suit your exact specifications. This can be a huge selling point if you want a unique and customized kitchen or bathroom.

Another benefit is that it is nearly indestructible. As an engineered material, it is missed with polymer resins that produce a super-hard, and low maintenance countertop that still has that stunning natural stone appeal. Unlike other natural stone countertops, that means that you don’t have to reseal the countertop every year or so in order to bar off bacteria. Your countertop will be easy to clean, and remain bacteria free for the span of its lifetime. Also, you don’t have to worry about damage taking place to your customer countertop. Some manufacturers even offer guarantees on quartz countertops because the process is trusted and time tested.

Another advantage is that quartz, because it installed with glue and epoxy rather than screws, it creates almost an invisible seal. This will hugely increase the aesthetics of a kitchen by eliminating the appearance of seams, giving the room a clean and finished look.

There are downsides to be aware of, however. The first is that quartz is not heat resistant like other natural stone countertops. That means that you will have to use potholders or trivets when placing hot pans on the counter. While this is a huge draw for granite countertops, it is something to consider if you do a lot of cooking.

Another disadvantage is that, because quartz countertops are engineered, this is not a project that you can take on yourself. Manufacturers have their own certified installation experts that will install your counters for you. This can may be no problem, but it can also be a bit of a nuisance if you like to do things by yourself.

Another thing to be aware of before you decide that quartz countertops are for you is that they are one of the more expensive options for countertops materials. If you are on a budget, or have a lot of counter space to cover, the cost of quartz is something to be considered. The cost of quartz is similar to that of granite or any other natural stone countertop, and you will want to weight the benefits of it along with the high end cost to be sure that it fits your exact needs.


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