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Marble countertops are a timeless choice, and will provide a subtly and elegance to any kitchen. There are different varieties of marble countertops, and varying qualities of stones will have different features. Also, there are benefits and drawbacks to choosing marble countertops. All of this is outlined below. If you have any more questions about marble, feel free to contact the associates at the Brandon branch of Naffco. We are always more than happy to help in any way we can in your mission to remodel.

Marble countertops come either polished or honed. Each have their advantages and disadvantages, but the big difference is that the polished marble is shiny and pristine looking. Honed marble is more matte and has a more earthy and natural look and feel to it. Choosing one is a matter of personal taste and also budget. Polished marble is more expensive than honed marble, but may be the right choice for a more pristine and finished looking kitchen.

Marble countertops are a great choice for those who want the look of natural stone, but are looking for something more subtle than granite or quartz. The white marble will often have grey fingers in the stone. Lower quality marble will have more grey fingers, and higher quality will have fewer. This is also a matter of taste though because the grey fingers can add a lot of character to a countertop and adds a beautiful accent to any kitchen color pallet.

Another advantage to marble countertops is that they are heat resistant and will not scorch. This can be a huge advantage for the messy chef who likes the convenience of not needing to set a potholder under a dish that just came out of the oven. Marble is also exceptionally easy to clean, which can never be a bad thing.

There are, however, some disadvantages of a marble countertop. Marble is a porous material and is susceptible to staining. Mable needs to be sealed to prevent stains, and then resealed every few years to continue to ward off stains. If marble does get stained, it will be extremely difficult to get it out. Another thing to be aware of is that marble is prone to etching, which is a similar concept to allowing a glass to condensate on a wood table. Spills and certain acidic liquids can leave etches on the marble, making dull and subtle spot on the countertop. For those who like to keep a pristine looking kitchen, this will require a lot of thought as to whether or not marble is the right option for you. If you’re concerned about etching, honed marble is less susceptible to it and the marks left will be less noticeable than on polished marble. If you have any other questions, you can feel free to visit our site here and an associate will be glad to speak with you.

The last point to consider is that marble countertops are not as hard as other natural stone countertops and are therefore prone to damage. Scratches, denting, and chipping are possibilities if you tend to be hard on your counters. However, the use of a cutting board and a general awareness of the force you’re exerting on your countertops can help to mitigate this risk.

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