3 Types of Kitchen Wall Cabinets for Tampa Homeowners

Wall cabinets are the most commonly built type of cabinetry for kitchens, as they maximize both storage space and counter space. As opposed to base cabinets, which sit on the floor and support counters and sinks, or utility cabinets that stretch from the floor to the ceiling, wall cabinets are mounted on the walls of the kitchen, usually directly above the benches and counters of your kitchen. There are three main options when choosing wall cabinets – stock, semi-custom, and custom.

At the Naffco offices in Tampa, Florida, we are dedicated to helping you choose the best kitchen wall cabinets for your home. Below we have detailed the main differences between stock, semi-custom, and custom kitchen wall cabinets to help you make the most informed choice for your home and your budget that will make your kitchen perfect.


Stock cabinets are the most affordable construction option when choosing kitchen cabinets. Stock cabinets are pre-manufactured in factories, with a set range of options for colors, styles, and sizes. Stock cabinets usually tend to be the most affordable type of cabinet, as they are mass-produced – making it easy for the manufacturer to ship cabinets within hours of receiving your order. They come in industry standard sizes, with the standard width ranging from 9 inches to 48 inches, increasing by 1-inch increments, and the standard depth for wall cabinets is 12 inches.


Semi-custom cabinets are generally very similar to stock cabinets; however, they tend to have a wider range of customizable options when it comes to color, size, and style. The basic sizes for cabinetry still apply to semi-custom cabinets, but they can be negotiated with the manufacturer to a point by design. The standard width of semi-custom cabinets still starts at 9 inches and can be increased to 48 inches in 1-inch increments, but the standard depth can be increased or decreased depending on the guidelines laid out by the specific manufacturer. Semi-custom cabinets may be slightly more expensive than prefabricated stock cabinets, but they are still a much more affordable alternative to custom cabinets, discussed below.


Custom cabinets are the premium grade of kitchen cabinetry in terms of choice. Buyers looking at getting custom cabinets can either send in the exact specifications that they desire, or they can work with manufacturers to add features and details to a standard sized cabinet. Customization is a more involved process than mass-producing cabinets; custom cabinets are generally either built to order by a manufacturer or built onsite by a skilled tradesperson or carpenter. This level of involvement generally means custom cabinets may take weeks or months to complete.

It is important to note that the terms stock, semi-custom, and custom refer to the production methods used to create each style of cabinet. They do not necessarily refer to the quality of the cabinets themselves; that is determined by the level of craftsmanship in each style, meaning a stock cabinet that is particularly well made can have higher quality and greater value than a cheaply made custom cabinet with shoddy workmanship.

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