6 Tips for the Perfect Brandon Kitchen Design

Kitchens used to be designed as simple rooms for food preparation, which led to many designs to be small in size and somewhat isolated from the rest of the house. Today, kitchens are far more versatile, and the trend is all about opening up the space. The modern kitchen is used for entertaining, whether a few guests or a large party. The modern kitchen is used for casual dining, regardless of the presence of a dining room in the home. The modern kitchen is also oftentimes used as a workspace. The versatility of the modern kitchen requires a prudent design in order to maintain style and efficiency. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning out your new Brandon kitchen design.

1. An island is a great modern trend in kitchen design, as it allows the room to be divided up into various sections. Having an area for guests to socialize while being removed from the food preparation area will prove quite useful during parties and social gatherings. And island can serve many different functions, from hosting the sink or other major appliances, serving as a dining area, or additional counter and storage space.

2. Many Brandon homeowners may underestimate the amount of storage space they need any kitchen. It is always best to plan for as much storage as possible, considering your kitchen will need to be the home for all of your dishes, major and minor appliances, utensils and food. It may be worth considering deeper drawers or higher cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling in order to accommodate all of your kitchen items. Items stored in drawers and cabinets will stay off your counter, leaving plenty of room for food preparation or serving, and keeping a tiny look throughout the room.

3. Take advantage of as much natural light in the kitchen as you can. You do not want to rely on overhead lighting alone, as it is often insufficient in keeping the entire room lit. This can be especially problematic when standing at a countertop when an overhead light is behind you. Your body will cast a shadow onto your workspace. Opt for as much natural lighting as possible, with the possibility of optional accent lighting, such as underneath cabinets.

4. Sink placement is best in one of two places in the kitchen: either in front of a window (especially one with a nice view), or facing inward. The inward direction will allow you to see and talk to other people in the kitchen while using the sink. Placing the sink on the island is a common design layout for this result.

5. Consider efficiency when planning the placement of your major appliances. Having a clear path from the refrigerator to the sink to the cooking area will allow for an easy workflow. This path should also include a few spots to allow for food preparation, such as countertops or sections of an island.

6. One appliance that does not always get a lot of thought in a redesign is the microwave. Microwaves take up more space in the kitchen then most homeowners believe, so planning for this appliance’s placement early on in the process is important. From a design standpoint, a lot of microwaves 10 to clash with the look of the kitchen, so consider buying a new microwave that fits your new design, or simply concealing the microwave on a shelf with a door or curtain. Planning for a proper microwave inclusion will potentially save counter space for other important endeavors.

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