6 Tips for the Perfect Tampa Kitchen Design

The modern kitchen does not just serve as a room solely designated for preparing food. The modern kitchen is often a place of congregation, especially when hosting parties. If the home lacks a dining room, the kitchen becomes the main eating area, though even when a dining room is present, casual dining can take place in the kitchen quite often. When needed, the kitchen is also utilized as a short term workspace. That can be a lot to fit into one room, but with a prudent design and some forethought, your kitchen can truly be a jack of all trades while maintain efficiency and style. Here are some tips to consider before remodeling in order to achieve the perfect kitchen design.

1. If space allows, an island is a great way to divide the room up into various sections.

This will prove helpful for parties or large meals, allowing an area for guests to congregate while staying out of the way of the host should they need to run to the refrigerator or cupboard when they need an item. An island is also great at providing extra counter space for food preparation serving, or hosting appliances, as well as providing cabinet space for storage.

2. Storage space is often underestimated when designing a kitchen.

The more storage options you have available to you, the better. Consider all of the dishes, appliances, kitchen utensils and devices you have, as well as dry foods that may be stored in cabinets. Every item needs a home. If necessary, consider incorporating more storage options, including cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling or deeper drawers to accommodate everything and keep the room tidy.

3. Light is an important element to any kitchen.

Try to fill the room with as much natural light as you can. Overhead lighting is often not enough in the kitchen, especially with large cabinets and fixtures at every turn. Having light coming in from the outside also prevents you from casting a shadow on the countertop when standing in front of the overhead light. Under cabinet lights also make for a great accent to keep workspaces lit.

4. One of the best placements for the sink is right in front of a window, especially one that has a nice view or gets a lot of sunlight.

If the sink cannot be placed in front of a window, consider turning the sink around to face another area in the room. This layout will allow for easier congregation and conversation, as opposed to keeping your view at a wall.

5. When it comes to food preparation, having a clear path from the refrigerator to the sink to the cooking area will make for easy workflow when preparing food.

For best results, make sure that there are a few places in between each of the stops, such as countertops. This will allow for ease-of-use as well as ease of traffic.

6. Consider your microwave placement early in the process.

Microwaves have a tendency to clash with most of the kitchen fixtures, so selecting a microwave that compliments the look of the kitchen remodel can go a long way for a coordinated design. If a microwave clashes severely, you can always try to hide it behind a shelf with a door or curtain. Microwaves also take up more room real estate than most realize at first. Knowing the microwave’s new home will keep you from having an unpleasant realization of a lack of counter space.

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