6 Types of Kitchen Cupboards for Brandon Homeowners

If you are building a new home or remodeling your current one, choosing the best kitchen cupboard styles to compliment the overall aesthetic of your kitchen will the tone for one of the most important rooms in your home. Whether you are going for a sleek, modern look, or something more traditional, your kitchen cupboards will have a huge influence on the full atmosphere of your decor.

Naffco’s branch in Brandon, Florida can help you choose the best style of kitchen cupboard for your ideal aesthetic. This trusty guide includes six of the most frequently used styles of cupboard doors for kitchens, regardless of whether you are renovating your old home to breathe new life into it, or building one completely new.

Shaker style

One of the most versatile – and therefore most commonly used – styles of cupboard doors in interior design today are shaker style cabinets. Their five-piece design, with four slats creating a frame and a fifth sheet creating the panel in the center, is simple enough to be easily adaptable to most sizes of traditional quadrangular cabinets, as well as to most styles of surface-level decor, be it antique chic or contemporary and sleek.


If you are looking for a more minimalistic look for your contemporary kitchen, flat kitchen cupboard doors are the perfect choice. Sleek and modern, flat cupboard doors can be made of either wood or laminate; the former is more classic, but the latter has a greater range of sheens, colors, and patterns from which to choose, and is more affordable, as well.


The most well made, highest craftsmanship quality cupboard doors are inset style cabinet doors. Unlike flat or shaker style cupboards, the doors of inset cupboards are installed within the frame of the cupboard, rather than sitting on hinges outside of and in front of the frame. This positioning requires extremely precise, exact measurements for the cupboard doors to open and close properly, including when the wood contracts or expands with moisture, heat, and other factors.


Louvered cupboard doors are an unusual yet striking choice of kitchen cupboards, as they are more often used for furniture pieces and window treatments. Long wooden slats sit within the frame of the door at an angle, leaving space between each slat. While these spaces in many louvered cupboard doors are often used for quite practical uses such as allowing wires to pass through, the horizontal slats also cut a unique aesthetic in a kitchen.


The classic cottage style is making a comeback in the world of home decor, and beadboard kitchen cupboard doors are emblematic of this style. They are similar to the shaker style cabinet doors in their construction; the main difference is the center panel has grooves and crevices running parallel across it.


If you are looking for something more distinctive, try contacting a local interior designer or craftsperson – they can help you flesh out ideas more fully, and many are willing to negotiate reasonable prices to help you create a unique look for your kitchen cupboards.

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