Kitchen Cabinets Brandon

The type, style, and color of cabinets that you decide to put in your kitchen will set the tone for the entire kitchen. They will make the most impact on the overall appearance and feeling that your kitchen portrays, so it is important to put careful thought and consideration into exactly what you want. There are a couple of things that you should know before you make your purchase of kitchen cabinets.

The first thing that you should know is the exact layout and measurements of the cabinets that you’ll need. Whether you are building a new kitchen or renovating an old one, be sure that you know exactly where you want your cabinets, and the whole layout of your kitchen. This will ensure that the sales associate can give you the best help and accurate suggestions for your kitchen cabinets. Also, be aware of where your large appliances are going to go and the measurements associated with each one. This will help to create a perfect fit for cabinets in your kitchen.

The second thing that is important to know before you go shopping for kitchen cabinets is the budget that you’re on. Since cabinets are the focal point of any kitchen, they are also one of the largest expenses when remodeling a kitchen as well. Know how much you can spend and how much you want to spend so that you don’t get your heart set on cabinets that are out of the range of what you’re willing to spend. When you know your budget and you know exactly what you need, you can look at the cabinets that are realistic for your kitchen without getting attached to cabinets that are an unrealistic option for you.

The third thing that you should know about kitchen cabinets is what quality of cabinets you are looking for. There are four different cabinet grades for all budgets, including Ready-to-Assemble (RTA), Stock, Semi-Custom, and Custom.

RTA come in standard sizes, are boxed in pieces at hardware stores, and can be bought on the spot then built and installed at home. Cabinets are difficult to install, and it is recommended that you have a professional install them, but the cost of these cabinets are much lower than the other three grades.

Stock cabinets are standard sized cabinets that are often made of wood or laminated particle board. The options for design and customized features are extremely limited but this is an economical option.

Semi-custom: This is a mid-range price option while still offering lot of options in terms of design and higher quality materials. There is some availability is sizing customization which will allow for a better and more personalized fit in your kitchen.

Custom: This option allows for complete control over size, color, material, style, accessories, and will give you the personalized touch that everyone wants in their kitchen. While it is a more expensive option, generally installation and delivery are included in the cost so it is one less thing to consider when addressing your budget.

The last thing to be aware of when picking your cabinets is the finer details of the cabinets that you’re choosing. Cabinets have finishes on them and it’s good to be aware of how a certain finish will look in your kitchen. What’s most important is that you take your time to make a careful pick that will make your kitchen feel and look lovely for a long time.

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