6 Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration

Whether you are merely upgrading your longtime home or building a completely new house, the kitchen is arguably one of the most important focal points of any home, and this makes the interior design elements in your kitchen of the utmost importance. If you are looking for cool, new, and unique ideas for your kitchen cabinets, this guide will outline several options that are off the beaten path of more traditional, commonly seen styles.

Glass cabinets

Rather than using traditional wood, laminate, or other opaque materials for your kitchen cabinet doors, why not try glass instead? The ability to see through these cabinet doors is excellent for those homeowners who have particularly pristine glassware that begs to be shown off, and double-sided cabinets with glass doors on either side allow for much more light to flood into a kitchen. Textured, seeded, and frosted glass can give a more demure feel to a kitchen while still allowing light through, as well.

Change direction

Not every cabinet door has to swing open on a horizontal plane. Flip up doors are perfect for kitchens that do not have as much lateral space as others, allowing for an easier range of movement within more confined spaces. Pocket doors slide out of the way rather than swinging outwards, making them another ideal choice of style for cabinet doors in smaller spaces that can be inhibitive of movement.

Open shelving

Open shelving completely divests homeowners of the need for cabinet doors in their kitchens at all. Clean and sleek, open shelving is another great option for homeowners who have lovely glassware and general kitchenware that will add to the overall decor of the kitchen. Be sure to have shelves that are deep enough to hold everything, as the lack of doors can lead to a greater risk of plates and bowls falling and breaking.


We all know that color is one of the most basic elements of any interior design project, but somehow, many homeowners never think to choose a look beyond the standard natural wood stains or off-white and cream color palettes for their kitchen cabinets. Look into using your kitchen cabinets as focal accent pieces with a bright pop of color that stands in contrast to the rest of your kitchen’s color palette, or try two-tone cabinets that use both a bright shade paint and a more neutral, natural wood facing for balance and style.


While sleeker hardware matches the modern flair of more minimalistic, flat kitchen cabinet doors, and while more old world style wrought iron hardware matches well with more traditional raised-panel cabinets, mixing and matching styles of drawer pulls and handles and knobs with the styles of cabinets themselves can create a beautiful, quirky look unique to your kitchen alone.

Go Green

Ecofriendly cabinetry has long since left the realm of the tree-hugging hippies; homeowners who are interested in reducing their own negative impact on the environment would do well to research salvaged and renewable woods like bamboo and lyptus for use in their kitchens.

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