7 Types of Garage Flooring Tampa Homeowners Should Consider

Just because a garage offers a home a lot of function does not mean form should not be considered. Here we explore 7 different options for sprucing up the plain concrete garage floor and turn it into a work of art for your Tampa home.

Concrete Sealer

Simply opting to seal the concrete floor in your garage may be enough to give it a new look, added protection, and stay on a low budget. Sealing the concrete floor will give the concrete a sheen, as well as added protection against stains. There are two types of sealers; a solvent-based sealer is typically regarded as being more effective, and long-lasting it is protection. That said, it also can give off heavy fumes when applying. Be sure to wear a respirator. Alternatively, a water-based sealer will be far easier on the lungs when applying to your floor, though it may not last as long as it’s solvent-based counterpart.


You could improve the look of the concrete garage floor simply by painting over it. While this is one of the least expensive options, it does involve a lot of work, and over time it will prove to be one of the least adorable solutions, as the page will not necessarily hold up well against the rigors a garage floor faces. Before you start painting, make sure that you concrete floor is free of any cracks. If there are any, be sure to fill them with concrete filler before painting.

Concrete Stain

As an alternative to painting, a concrete stain is another option. Unlike paint, the stain becomes part of the concrete, which offers a healthy color to the material that will not chip off as easily as paint. The stain will allow the concrete floor to show through, which can add a lot of character to the floor. It also will show any imperfections in the floor, so if you have a lot of stains or splatters, those will not be hidden.


While any old carpeting will simply not do, there are particular brands of rugged carpeting that are designed to hold up to the particular traffic of a garage. These more rigorous carpets tend to hold up against staining, (even from oil leaks), and can be power washed when it comes time to cleaning. This type of carpeting is typically applied as square carpet tiles, often with a peel-and-stick backing. This can allow for a number of different patterns and color arrangements to make your garage really pop.

Peel-and-Stick Tile

Similar to the peel-and-stick backing element of carpet tiles, these peel-and-stick tiles apply to your garage floor the same way, but are made from harder materials, such as heavy duty vinyl. You can choose a number of colors to create your own pattern on the garage floor. These tiles often come in attractive designs, such as diamond plate. Before applying the tiles to your garage floor, make sure to thoroughly clean the concrete and allow it to dry completely.

Interlocking Tile

These tiles are very similar to the peel-and-stick variety, however instead of using and if he served to attach to the floor, these tiles snap together to create their stability. While these are best use on an even garage floor, interlocking tiles are great way to hide cracks in the concrete. As with the other tile varieties, you can purchase multiple colors to arrange in patterns on the floor.

Rollout Vinyl Flooring

This is an incredibly easy option for getting a new floor design quickly. Simply unroll onto your garage floor, cut the excess off and enjoy. While this is the easiest flooring method to install in your garage, it will not be as easy to repair as a tile floor, which can be replaced in small sections as needed. If the roll of vinyl flooring gets damaged, you will need to replace the whole thing. Rollout vinyl flooring is also not as customizable as tile, in which you are limited to the same design and color along the entire floor.

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