7 Types of Garage Flooring Brandon Homeowners Should Consider

The garage serves multiple functions in the average home. While many tend to keep the design minimal in the garage, if any consideration of design is giving it all, there is no reason why you need to keep the boring concrete garage floor. Here we explore number of options for turning your garage floor into a work of art for your Brandon home.


Simply painting over the concrete is a very inexpensive way of giving your garage a brand new look. However, this solution does require a lot of work, and will not last as long as other flooring options. be sure to fill in any cracks in your floor before you start painting.

Concrete Sealer

Instead of paint, a sealer may be all you need to give your garage a new look. Sealer will give the floor a wet and healthy shine, as well as add stain protection at a low cost. A water-based sealer will be somewhat easier to apply, though it may not last as long as it’s solvent-based counterpart. A solvent-based sealer will provide superior protection, but be sure to wear a respirator when applying, as the fumes can be dangerous.

Concrete Stain

As opposed to simply sealing the concrete, a stain will add a splash of color that will last longer than paint. The stain becomes a part of the concrete as it is laid over the floor, so it will not ship as easily. When applying a stain, the concrete will show through. This can add a lot of character to your floor, but also show any imperfections such as cracks, stains or splatters.


The basic notion of putting carpet down where you park your car may seem silly at first, but there are many modern brands of carpeting that are designed to be rugged enough to withstand the vigorous atmosphere of a garage. This specific type of carpeting can hold up against stains, even from oil leaks. When cleaning is necessary, these carpets can be power washed. This garage carpeting often comes in tiles, which can be stuck to the concrete for easy placement, replacement, and playing with layout. Consider adding multiple colors in any pattern you choose to give new life to your garage floor.

Peel-and-Stick Tile

Much like the carpet tiles, these heavy material tiles are often made from a heavy duty vinyl, but will attach to your floor in the same way. These tiles off and come in simple yet attractive designs, and a variety of colors. Feel free to mix and match colors to create a handsome patterns. Make sure your garage floor is thoroughly cleaned and dry before applying any peel-and-stick tile.

Interlocking tile

Another heavy duty tile option relies on the other tiles for its stability. Instead of sticking to the floor, these tiles connected to one another to create a flat surface. These tiles are still best used on the garage floor that is even in free of cracks, but if cracks are not too extreme, interlocking tile is a great way to hide those.

Rollout Vinyl Flooring

Rollout vinyl flooring is going to be one of the easiest options to give your garage floor a brand new look. Simply unroll the flooring and cut it to the shape of your garage floor. While this flooring is easier to install than tile, it should be noted that if rollout vinyl flooring becomes damaged, it will require replacing the entire piece, as opposed to only repairing a few damaged tiles as needed. You will also be limited to one design on the floor, so customization will not be possible.

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