4 Flooring Options for Tampa Residents


As a provider of flooring installation services since 1937, Naffco Floor & Interiors has been flooring Tampa-area homes for a very long time, seeing designs and tastes change over the years. Many homes utilize one of a few materials for their flooring, depending on factors including the design the homeowner wishes to implement and budgetary constraints. Let’s look at four beautiful options for designing the perfect floor.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring provides long-lasting quality and a timeless look, though many homeowners may be surprised to find out how versatile a hardwood floor can be for interior design. Utilizing a different species or color of wood can give a room an entirely different look, perfect for complementing, contrasting or matching with other pieces in the room. Light colored wood can open up a space, while dark wood can provide classic and aged elegance. Medium colored woods are versatile and can provide additional texture to a room with wood species that feature a lot of knots or a distinct wood grain pattern.

Laminate Flooring

Initially seen as an inexpensive replacement, laminate floors have come into their own as their own category of flooring options. Laminate panels are constructed by fusing synthetic floor layers together, with a clear protective layer on top of a highly detailed photographic layer. The photographic layer emulates the look of various wood species or patterns of tile or stone at a fraction of the cost. Laminate flooring is also generally low maintenance. Due to its sensitivity to excessive moisture, laminate flooring is not the best choice for bathroom flooring or outside the home.

Tile Flooring

Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms in your home, tile flooring is available in many materials, including ceramic tile, porcelain, glass and natural stone. A beautiful and long-lasting option, tile flooring is relatively easy to maintain and can be repaired easily by replacing individual broken tiles instead of the entire floor. Tile flooring also comes in a variety of colors and shapes, which can provide for an interesting and unique pattern for any room in your home.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury tile flooring is similar in application to laminate flooring but can also share a lot of properties of tile flooring, usually in floor layout and in being composed of thicker, more solid pieces. Luxury vinyl tiles or planks are often far thicker than laminate flooring. While both flooring options have a realistic look of wood or stone, luxury vinyl flooring often has higher detail. Some luxury vinyl tiles utilize 3D printing or mixing with natural stone to provide a floor with a realistic appearance, while still serving as a durable, low maintenance, and inexpensive choice. Luxury vinyl provides a large variety of design compositions.

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