5 Things to Know Before You Order Custom Cabinets for your Tampa Home


Learning all you can about custom cabinetry will make the process of remodeling your kitchen faster and easier. Many Tampa residents consider custom cabinets for their wide array of options in giving their kitchen a new look. However, before you place your order, there are a few things you should consider:

Knowing What You Dislike About Your Current Cabinets Will Help Inform What to Look For in Your New Cabinets
Take the time to determine what qualities of your current kitchen cabinetry are disliked. This can be anyone or a combination of many things ranging from color to material used to height or depth of the cabinets, or even their placement within the kitchen. Figuring out what to avoid it will help you make sure you pick out options that will only improve your living situation once your kitchen remodeling is complete.

Set Your Budget Early
If you are remodeling your entire kitchen, most homeowners spend 40-50% of their budget on cabinetry. Knowing what your target budget is will help inform if custom cabinets are right for your Tampa home.

Not All Custom Cabinetry is Truly Custom
Many made-to-order options of cabinetry are what is known as “Semi-Custom”, or standard-sized cabinet boxes that feature a broader variety of drawer fronts and cabinet doors. While this offers some customization, it does not give Tampa homeowners the full spectrum of material and design choices,  nor does it necessarily offer you the perfect fit in your kitchen. However, Semi-Custom options do help keep costs and turnaround times down.

Be Exact with Your Measurements
If you’re opting for truly custom cabinetry, then your new cabinets can be built with in 1/32nd of an inch of your requested sizes. Make sure you have accurately measured outdoor kitchen and you know exactly where your new cabinetry will be placed. Make sure your cabinets will work around any fixtures and large appliances that are also sharing your kitchen space.

You May Have to Wait a While for Custom Cabinets
Since custom cabinetry is built to your precise specifications, a 6 to 12 week turnaround is common. Knowing this ahead of time can help you plan out your kitchen remodeling so you can focus on other aspects in the time between ordering and receiving your custom cabinets. Of course, once your custom cabinets arrive, they can be installed knowing that they are accurate to your home’s precise needs.

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