Custom Cabinets Brandon

Custom cabinets are the best way to make sure that your personality and style gets translated into your new kitchen. It’s good to ensure that you will put in high quality cabinets that suit your exact tastes so that your kitchen will feel unique and special to you for years to come. There are a couple things that you should know about custom cabinets before you order them for your home.

When choosing custom cabinets and coming up with the design for them, it is important to note what you do and do not like about your current cabinets. This will give you a starting point for what you want in your future cabinets. Pay attention to how you want your kitchen to flow, how you are going to store your dishes, pots, pans and kitchen accessories, and the needs you have while cooking that your current cabinets don’t fill. Another thing to consider is the color, material and finish on your cabinets as well. Because there are so many options available and it’s hard to imagine them in your own kitchen while you’re standing in a store, it’s good to begin imagining what you want before you actually go to a retailer to decide on what you want for your custom kitchen cabinets.

Once you have an idea of what you want your kitchen cabinets to look like, it is time to think about how much you’re able to spend. Before you order, make sure you are within your budget. It is important to know the budget that you have for cabinets early on in your remodel because cabinets can take from 40-50% of a remodeling budget. Figure out beforehand how much you have to spend so that you can choose your custom cabinets accordingly. Generally, custom cabinets include delivery and installation cost, so this is a benefit to keep in mind as well.

Another thing to take note of is that not all made-to-order cabinets are not fully custom. Semi-custom cabinets, while they offer many more options for styling, details, and drawers or doors front combinations, they do not offer exact sizing options or some higher end material options. If you are looking for small customizations like the ones listed above, then be sure to mention that you’re looking for semi-custom cabinets. If you’re looking for exact sizing and details matching your exact specifications, then custom cabinets are certainly for you and will address your exact needs.

Something else to be aware of for those on a time budget is that custom cabinets can take a while to make. Because they are made to your exact specifications, it can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks for your order to be filled. If you are in the middle of a remodel and only have a few days or weeks to complete your kitchen then you should look at your options in terms of semi-custom cabinets. But if you do have time allotted for this, then it is good to plan ahead of time around the arrival of your custom cabinets.

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