What to Consider When Buying Custom Bathroom Cabinets

When planning a remodel your bathroom, the question will eventually come up: custom bathroom cabinets or pre-fabricated ones? It may seem easy to simply by a prefabricated bathroom cabinet, but it may not fit the style or the quality that you are seeking. There are many aspects to consider before choosing custom bathroom cabinets.

Cost and Quality

Simple, modular, prefabricated cabinets are always going to be the least expensive option. While the upper range of cost of cabinetry will be mostly dominated by custom cabinets, there are a lot of mid- to upper-range cabinet options that are comparable in price. Is important to compare quality and features in this range, as you may find that custom cabinets may end up being cheaper, or offer higher quality at the same (or a comparable) price point as a similar prefabricated cabinet.

A pre-fabricated cabinet brand can rely on consistency to help sell their cabinets. When exploring custom cabinets, be sure to check out a custom cabinet maker’s work (and if possible talk to past clients) to make sure the quality of the work is what you are looking for.

Also, be sure to factor in installation with your costs, as a lot of custom cabinet makers will include installation in their pricing, which can affect the cost effectiveness of going custom.


When buying a prefabricated cabinet, you do not get to have any say in any aspect of the cabinet, you are simply buying the entire package as it is. With custom cabinets, you have a lot more say in choice of materials used, the stain or paint color, and styles and materials of hardware. The style options become practically unlimited with custom bathroom cabinetry.
Finding the Right Fit

Not every pre-fabricated cabinet will work in every bathroom. Size and shape are important factors, as are elements of functions such as door placement or the direction of the door hinges. A cabinet that is placed close to the wall (or a perpendicular cabinet or fixture) may not be able to open a full 90 degrees. A custom cabinet can change the placement of the door or hinges, or add a small filler to allow for the door to fully open. If a pre-fabricated cabinet is too large to fit between the sink in the lighting fixture, it will not work for your bathroom. A custom cabinet is able to be sized to whatever measurements are needed.

Lead Time

One major advantage of lower-end pre-fabricated cabinets is the immediacy of being able to purchase them and take them home on the same day. Many pre-fabricated cabinets at higher prixe points may need to be built, but with a pre-conceived product the lead time is rather short. With custom cabinetry it is important to plan when you purchase them, knowing that they need to be built, and may not arrive for a month or two. Do not start any major remodeling work until you do when your new custom cabinets will arrive.

One major advantage of customized cabinets is the turnaround time for corrections. If something needs to be adjusted in the plans, a custom cabinet maker is able to be a bit more nimble in fixing the problem quickly. Corrections with pre-fabricated cabinets may involve returns and shipping a replacement cabinet, which will add time to the process.

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