How to Choose the Right Bathroom Cabinets for Your Brandon Home

Bathroom cabinets, like many other elements of interior design, come in a very wide variety of styles and functions. With so many options to suit a variety of different needs and tastes, it can be difficult to find cabinetry that fits the ideal bathroom that you plan to remodel. Cabinets in the bathroom are particularly important because they can often set the tone in the room. Aside from the major fixtures, the cabinets are often the most prominent feature in a bathroom. So when you are ready to create the brand new look for your Brandon bathroom, where do you start and how do you proceed without becoming overwhelmed by the number of options available to you?

Know How You Use Your Bathroom

Take a moment to consider how you utilize your current bathroom space. Think about your routine and your preferences. This will influence a lot when it comes to the bathroom layout and the choices for pieces to put in the room. It is also important to map out where the electrical outlets are and consider how these will be used for your various bathroom appliances. Also note where your plumbing fixtures are located. Your bathroom has water, drainage and electricity sharing a very small amount of space, and it is very important to keep these elements from crossing paths.

Consider your bathroom’s current storage setup, and determine if you require more or less storage for all of your toiletries and appliances. Sometimes you may not need more or less storage, but simply a different way of storing the existing items that you have. Keeping your preferences and needs in mind when making your decision will help prevent buyer’s remorse or overspending on a bathroom cabinet that does not work for your lifestyle.

Take In the Trends

When updating your bathroom, it may be helpful to take a look at modern trends in bathroom design and storage to see if anything will suit your needs or add more value or style.

Incorporating lighting that is built into your cabinets is a very popular trend in modern bathrooms. Another trend is to opt for cabinetry that is styled after furniture, in an effort to make a bathroom appear more like a spa or getaway destination. Another trend is coordination with other rooms in the house, such as having the cabinetry in the kitchen and bathroom match.

Find the Right Style for You

While keeping function in mind, there is no shortage of options in finding a style of cabinet that will work for your visual design. Whether you opt for a standalone vanity with a sink and countertop, a full suite of cabinets that are all coordinated to match your fixtures, or a few choice options of cabinetry such as an over-the-toilet unit or linen storage or a hamper, all of these options come in a variety of styles, so you are able to choose a style that speaks to you. Just be sure that you choose an option that has enough storage, unless you plan to move some of the storage to a different part of the house such as a closet near the bathroom.

If you are need of some visual inspiration, there is much to be had from visiting interior design websites or going through design books or magazines. Either option will introduce you to a variety of materials or looks that you may wish to incorporate. For a more interactive display, you can visit Naffco’s showroom in Brandon to explore your bathroom cabinet options.

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